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Portable Power Station


If you’re going to have the life off the grid, on the road or preparing for an emergency, the IGL portable power station will help you to stay powered and enjoy the life you’re heading for. It can combine a portable power station with solar panels to achieve a greener, quieter and safer power supply compared to the traditional generators.


IGL has been deeply involved in the field of portable power station for many years, and still maintains sufficient enthusiasm and confidence. With its expertise and quality assurance, IGL looks forward to bringing the mobile energy solutions to more outdoor enthusiasts and home users.






Fast Charging 

Our power station features a Bi-directional inverter that enables rapid charging and discharging. Whether you’re charging devices or using the stored energy, our system ensures efficiency and speed.




10ms-Level UPS Function 

With an ultra-responsive 10ms level UPS function, our power station seamlessly switches to battery power during outages. Your critical devices stay connected without interruption.




Smart Parallel

Expand your power and capacity effortlessly by connecting two units in parallel. Our smart parallel function allows you to scale up without hassle.




Power Boost

To power appliances with higher power than your PPS rated power output such as coffee machines, electrical cookers, power tools and so on. It is ideally to power the resistive loads.



Pass Through Charge

With pass-through charging, you can recharge the power station’s battery while simultaneously charging connected devices. This means you don’t have to choose between charging your devices or the power station itself—it’s a win-win situation! Whether you’re powering up your laptop or replenishing the power station, both tasks can happen at once.



Charge Speed Adjustable

Adjustable charging speed for portable power stations enhances flexibility and efficiency, ensuring devices stay powered up. It can prolong the battery life as the optimal charging rates help extend the lifespan of your battery.




Control and monitor your power station remotely via our intuitive IOT APP. Check battery status, power off scheduling, automation setting, standby mode and receive real-time alerts—all from your smartphone.




The Smart Battery Management System (BMS) ensures optimal performance, monitors cell health, and prevents overcharging or discharging. Your power station is always protected.










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