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Solar Panel

Solar Panel


IGL solar panels are lightweight and compact, making them easy to carry wherever you go and are perfect for the outdoor life. It is Eco-friendly, Pollution-free, and foldable panels can be set up quickly, and transported conveniently to power the solar power system. It is designed with an industry-standard solar connector, so our solar panels are compatible with third-party power stations as well. Unlike traditional generators, solar panels don’t emit harmful gases or fumes, making them eco-friendly, whilst requiring low level or even no maintenance.






High Efficiency 

Our solar panels utilize cutting-edge technology to achieve remarkable energy conversion efficiency. With an efficiency rate of 23%-25%, they maximize power generation from sunlight.



Light Weight & Compact Design 

Our solar panels are lightweight and portable, making them ideal for various applications. Whether you’re camping, setting up an off-grid system, or need a flexible solution, our panels fit the bill.



High Compatibility 

IGL portable solar panel is designed with an industry-standard solar connector, which can be compatible with third-party power stations too. However, you'll be able to harness more solar energy by using IGL Portable Power Stations.




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